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The GISOL board allows a GSC-3000 to connect to any low voltage telemetry signal either positive or negative ground isolating it from any other channel. No more worrying about interaction between grounds or not monitoring DC powered microwave systems due to positive grounds. Any low voltage, either polarity, will work nicely.

Inputs can be between -12 V and +12v with unity gain throughput.

   Each input channel is electrically isolated from any other channel.

  Each input is differential so isolated from ground or any other channel’s inputs. Power for the active circuitry is taken from the remote control unit over the supplied DB37 pin cable, no power supply is required


The GOPTO status board allows either a GSC-3000 or a VRC-2000 series control to monitor status with either a low voltage signal, either AC or DC or a contact closure or GPO (open collector). And it can do this on a channel by channel basis, allowing you to choose the best way to configure your remote control. When a voltage is used a convenient LED status light will light too…

  Inputs can be between 3 V and 30 V DC, 5v and 24 Vac, or contact closure. Selected on individual channels via header plug jumpers.

  LED status light on board for either AC or DC voltage modes.

Power for each channel is derived from the DC/AC voltage input, no power supply needed.

Common to both units.

Both units are fuse protected on both leads, protecting both the boards themselves and the Burk or Gentner units. Each input has it’s own individual pluggable terminal block which allows changing from one channel to the other for ease of install and trouble shooting. 

16 channels each with individual, unplugable terminal header plugs. Allows quick disconnection or reconfiguration of input wiring by simply moving interface plugs. No need to unscrew wires from terminal block to remove unit or change to another channel input.

Fused inputs on both hot and return legs. For protection of Opto input circuit

2 RU (3 ˝ inch) rack panel form factor.

Interface connects via DB37 pin connectors and are pin for pin plug compatible with 16 channel Gentner/ Burk GSC3000 and GRC2000 series remote control units.

Each input channel electrically isolated from any other channel.

 Burk and Gentner, GSC-3000 and VRC-2000 are trademarks of Burk Electronics.


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